Episode 10: Derek Simnett

Clean eating does not mean expensive eating, it's more like attainable eating because you can tailor it specifically to you, says Derek Simnett, CNP, nutritionist, and CEO. Today Derek provides a holistic nutritionist's point of view on veganism. Tune in to learn the reasons behind food choices, supplementing your diet and even calisthenic workouts. Kickstart your healthy journey with food today.

“[Veganism] It's really not complicated. That's what I try to highlight on my channel...It's simple.”
— Derek Simnett


  • 3:17 - Derek's upbringing and his road to nutrition
  • 8:20 - Making decisions and finding your place
  • 18:40 - Starting the YouTube  channel
  • 23:27 - Holistic nutrition, vegan diet, and supplements
  • 40:05 - Three good habits to maintain a healthy diet
  • 43:01 - Why it's important to eat fruit
  • 47:36 - Calisthenics to build body muscle
  • 58:53 - Health benefits of food from a holistic perspective

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