Episode 11: Mischa Janiec

Today's episode with Nimai features Mischa Janiec, professional bodybuilder, and co-founder of ProFuel. Mischa provides practical tips to transition to a vegan diet fueled by his personal experience. Tune in because, even if you think you have failed countless times before, Mischa provides helpful tips to try again.

“Veganism really changed my life.”
— Mischa Janiec


  • 6:13 - Mischa's start to professional bodybuilding
  • 18:05 - From professional bodybuilding to competitive
  • 22:10 - Transition to the vegan diet
  • 32:10 - Effects of eating vegan
  • 43:41 - The Game Changers movie
  • 46:18 - Real-world approach to transitioning to the vegan diet

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