Episode 12: Dr Joel Kahn

Dr. Joel Kahn, one of the world’s top cardiologist, best-selling author, and restaurateur shed light on the preventative and anti-aging health benefits of a plant-based diet. Dr. Kahn and Nimai discuss fact-based studies, truths about diet fads, supplements and various foods that bring it all back to the need for plant-based nutrition. Today’s episode provides clarity and will help resolve some unanswered questions that cause many to hold off on committing to a plant-based vegan diet.

“We can make decisions now about our lifestyle, that favor an event happening or not happening in the future.”
— Dr. Joel Kahn


  • 6:43 Becoming an Integrative cardiologist and initial learnings about the vegan diet
  • 12:41 Varying Demographics of patients Dr. Kahn treats, examples of avoiding surgery by changing diet
  • 18:03 Convincing young people, as early as 17, to care about their health
  • 23:29 Two most important factors you can change to prevent future health complication
  • 26:48 Keto diet perspective, a look into other dietary options, and the science behind why eating fruit is critical to your health
  • 35:15 Supplements—what works and doesn’t work
  • 42:34 Do you need protein supplements on a vegan diet, Dr. Kahn explains
  • 47:24 Dr. Kahn’s take on soy, scientific reasons why it’s a healthy source of food
  • 53:21 Basic tips when making lifestyle changes

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