Episode 13: Torre Washington

Torre Washington, IFBB Pro, and founder of Primer & Nourish, a guide to bodybuilding and vegan nutrition, stops by to share his journey with Nimai and listeners. Raised vegetarian, vegan since 1998, Torre provides simple, practical ways to transition to a vegan diet. Coming from a background where he did not always feel free enough to be authentic, he inspires others to show their true selves while helping others along the way. Listen in to move one step closer to being that healthy you, you have envisioned you will be.

“A lot of times we hide what we’ve been through…not knowing our journey can sometimes inspire someone else to continue on their path rather than to quit.”
— Torre Washington


  • 4:31 - Being raised vegetarian turned vegan
  • 10:00 - Torre’s overview of the Rastafarian lifestyle
  • 15:34 - Challenges Torre faced with being different
  • 30:46 - Torre’s bodybuilding journey
  • 38:07 - HITT with Torre, increasing his size, and the different foods he ate while training
  • 51:17 - Earning his pro card while vegan
  • 1:14:27 - Effectively transitioning to veganism

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