Episode 15: Dr Mauricio Gonzalez

Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez saw a need in the medical community and filled it with knowledge and clear, concise direction. As the founder of Latin America’s first plant-based medical immersion program, Dr. Gonzalez breaks down complex medical research into small, manageable pieces. Topics include calorie intake, metabolic diseases, vaccines, building muscle, supplements and more. This episode will give you the power to change your life, by changing your diet and therefore impacting your health.

“We have the research, we have enough body of scientific evidence that tells us this is a healthy lifestyle…[now] we have to get things done.”
— Dr Mauricio Gonzalez


  • 3:54 Plant-based reception in the Latino community
  • 6:19 Growing up in a Latino family
  • 9:17 Dr. Gonzalez’s path to spreading the word about nutrition
  • 15:45 The thrifty gene hypothesis
  • 18:04 Obesity, fat storage, calories and insulin
  • 34:35 Vegans, vaccines and children
  • 44:51 Building muscle, proteins, supplements
  • 59:12 Vitamins necessary for a vegan diet, and soy

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