Episode 16: Simon Hill

Simon Hill, author, and physiotherapist set out to share with everyone, no matter the gender, size, or purpose, the beauty in healthy food to gain optimum health and improve quality of life. On today’s episode, Simon and Nimai discuss the value of choosing foods that are truly healthy. Although, changing your diet requires a little learning, don’t worry—Simon also explains how to select sources that you can truly trust.

“We need to go back to how much you value your health...Take control of your health, learn the information about a plant-based diet and incorporate it. ”
— Simon Hill


  • 3:19 - Getting to Know Simon 
  • 17:45 - Aussie Rules, athletes, and the realization of the need for a plant-based diet
  • 27:46 - Simon discusses his desire to connect physiotherapy and nutrition
  • 29:27 - Learning with a purpose—what are educational institutes saying about nutrition
  • 34:47 - Simon’s personal journey to nutritional health
  • 42:31 - Why vegans get a bad reputation
  • 44:25 - The evolution of Plant Proof
  • 47:03 - The comparison enigmas in health studies/Resources to learn more about the plant-based diet
  • 56:17 - Everyday vegan meals

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