Episode 2: John "Badass Vegan" Lewis

On this episode of Generation V, Nimai sits down with the CEO of Bad Ass Vegan and Live Vegan Smart, John Lewis AKA “The Bad Ass Vegan”. They go into depth on John’s childhood and his advocacy for better foods for low-income communities. Also, tune in to hear all about the current documentary John is creating.

“Sometimes you have to keep your dream to yourself, but that doesn’t mean you stop working.”
— John "Badass Vegan" Lewis

Episode Notes


  • 5:30 Having good energy
  • 7:00 Criticism in the vegan world
  • 11:45 The Bad Ass Vegan’s backstory
  • 32:12 John’s transition to veganism
  • 38:40 How John started his company, The Bad Ass Vegan
  • 42:12 How to deal with people that don’t believe in your dreams
  • 47:37 Understanding the work, commitment and reason why you want to be an influencer
  • 51:15 John’s documentary current project
  • 56:36 Striving to change the food in low income communities


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