Episode 22: Kendrick Farris

Today on Generation V, Nimai interviews Kendrick Farris. Kendrick started lifting at 12 years old and in less than 10 years, he won back-to-back national titles and qualified for his first Olympic team. He broke the US record in 2016 for lifting a combined weight of 831 lbs while on a plant-based diet. Listen as Kendrick shares how his second child affected his view on nutrition and deciding to go vegan.

“Even if you don’t agree, just respect it and understand that we are working together.”
— Kendrick Farris


  • 03:56 – Kendrick talks about his background
  • 05:05 – Behind Olympic weightlifting — the structure, efforts, and coaching
  • 09:37 – How Kendrick’s overall experience in weightlifting taught him patience
  • 18:58 – Raising a son created a huge change in Kendrick’s life
  • 20:43 – The preparations to qualify for trials
  • 27:16 – Nutrition and the food pyramid – their importance and role in our bodies
  • 32:46 – Kendrick shares his first Olympic game in China and the other Olympic games after
  • 40:10 – Having a second child made Kendrick to change the way he eats – the transition to becoming vegan
  • 48:25 – The veggie lasagna is one staple in his diet
  • 57:36 – Breaking the US Record on a plant-based diet in 2016
  • 01:09:03 – People were intrigued with Kendrick on a plant-based diet
  • 01:17:54 – Kendrick’s work on Bless the Gym
  • 01:21:53 – What’s next for Kendrick: Working on his consistency

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