Episode 23: Rob Bailey

Today’s episode covers everything from art to fitness. Listen in as Rob Bailey joins Nimai to talk about FLAG NOR FAIL his journey with wife Dana, and his journey as a vegan. Hear how the creative side of Rob influenced his decisions and even his training. Listen in to find out the benefits of veganism and the power of being your own person.

“The biggest success is right across that fear”
— John Joseph


  • 05:05 - Rob’s two-sided background
  • 12:11 - Going to college and meeting Dana Bailey
  • 14:47 - The events leading up to FLAG NOR FAIL
  • 26:14 - Realizing the unique potential of each person
  • 29:42 - Chasing Dana’s dreams and supporting her in her fitness pursuits
  • 37:46 - Why Rob decided to cap sales each month for FLAG NOR FAIL
  • 41:31 - Juggling business ownership and music recording
  • 45:01 - Deciding to drop out meat and go vegan
  • 53:43 - Doing what feels right and realizing you can be healthy without meat
  • 1:00:56 - The lies surrounding the fitness and health industry
  • 1:09:17 - Looking at the value of life and building relationships

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