Episode 24: What Does Masculinity Mean with Vegan Bodybuilders Jon Venus & Derek Simnett

Let’s change what “manliness” means. Previous generations have made being a man all about strength and aggression. Well, today Nimai invites Jon Venus and Derek Simnett on to talk about what manliness is. As vegan fitness YouTube stars, these men want to tell you how to take masculinity in a different direction. Listen now to hear how you can mix strength and compassion as central parts of your manhood.

“You can't let other people dicate your feelings”
— Jon Venus


  • 4:45 - How Jon and Derek began their journey into veganism and YouTube fitness
  • 11:34 - Disregarding those who switch out of veganism and why their claims are misguided
  • 16:04 - How to combat hate from social media with your significant other
  • 20:05 - What men can do to support the women in their lives when they raise their voice
  • 25:06 - The perspective of masculinity might need to change. How compassion is part of being a man
  • 30:08 - How you can present a different form of masculinity to the next generation
  • 35:58 - How Derek and Jon realized that they needed to share their voice and how you can do the same
  • 42:34 - Jon’s transition to being a father and how we can promote a healthy view of life in the next generation
  • 46:05 - The things you need to do to be a shining example of a modern man

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