Episode 25: From Sniper to Vegan and Being a Modern Warrior with Damien Mander

Another benefit of going vegan: You don’t support animal suffering. In today’s episode, Damien Mander joins Nimai as an activist against poaching and animal suffering. Inspired by his tragic experiences, Damien founded the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. Hear how he fights against animal suffering and provides alternatives for African communities. Take some notes on why plant-based diets support his mission and how you can get involved today!

“We all see problems in life and its what we do or whether we turn away that defines us.”
— Damien Mander


  • 1:43 - Who Damien Mander is and why you NEED to know how to stop animal suffering
  • 7:48 - Witnessing and fighting against suffering: how Damien started making a difference against both human and animal suffering
  • 16:47 - Stories of animal suffering and what you need to fight against by joining forces with organizations like the International Anti-Poaching Foundation
  • 22:18 - How IAPF resists poaching, trains others to lead the movement against poaching, and transforms peoples perspectives about life as a whole
  • 28:27 - How the military is transitioning to promote the abilities and equality of women and how IAPF is doing the same
  • 33:26 - Why women and the values of women have promoted the success of IAPF operations in Africa and how they have created an economic alternative to trophy hunting through community
  • 39:22 - Don’t deny the truth: How every animal experiences suffering and how every person can have a HUGE impact by switching to and promoting veganism
  • 46:50 - How Damien and IAPF aim to fight the poaching industry through a sustainable economic alternative and how you can get involved

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