Episode 26: Challenging the Status Quo Through Comedy with Dr. Bassem Youssef

The world wants to make you eat meat. You don’t have to listen! Dr. Bassem Youssef is here to tell you why! Bassem is a former surgeon and political satire comedian who turned vegan, and he wants you to know how to challenge the status quo. Listen to find out how Bassem spreads the vegan message despite criticism and how you can do the same.

“All of the stuff people know about nutrition is more of a popular opinion, not scientific fact.”
— Bassem Youssef


  • 2:53 - Bassem’s transformation from a meat lover to vegan and how one person can inspire millions of people
  • 10:59 - BEWARE: You may be eating incorrectly even though you are still following a vegan diet. Find out how you can be the most healthy as a vegan
  • 14:55 - What you need to do to distinguish between popular nutrition and actual nutrition and why doctors tend to side with meat-based diets
  • 18:21 - Bassem’s journey into political satire as a push against the status quo and why veganism does the same
  • 24:00 - Strategies for you to win people over to the message of veganism by connecting people to tangible benefits from plant-based diets
  • 30:06 - How you can use the platform and network that you have to establish your role in the movement for veganism
  • 36:25 - How Dr. Youssef wants to unite the two worlds of American and Middle Eastern veganism and how you can use Middle Eastern foods to make excellent plant-based meals
  • 43:42 - What Bassem is doing to promote the vegan message and the best ways that the values of the vegan movements can be spread

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