Episode 27: How to Master Diabetes with Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta

What you eat changes everything, even your diabetes! Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta join Nimai to talk all things diabetes and nutrition. As the creators of the Mastering Diabetes Program, they want to help everyone to take control of their type 1, type 1.5, type 2, or pre-diabetes. Robby and Cyrus can point you to the diet that will help you win against diabetes. Listen to today's episode to dig into the science of diabetes and how it applies to your life now.

“You can actually use your food as something you can substitute for these medications.”
— Cyrus Khambatta


  • 4:25 - Introducing Robby and how he’s grown in his knowledge of and fight against diabetes
  • 9:37 - How Robby tried everything to find healing and what he found in a vegan diet to promote a high-quality life even with type 1 diabetes
  • 16:00 - Type 1 diabetes and 2 other auto-immune disorders surfaced within months of each other in Cyrus’s life. Why Cyrus turned away from western medicine for the answers he looked for
  • 26:09 - What health professionals don’t tell you: why fruits and vegetables are all you need to maintain good insulin levels and improve your health in general
  • 32:25 - What causes insulin resistance? Not carbohydrates! What the evidence actually points to as the root cause of your diabetic symptoms
  • 39:43 - Why ketogenic diets are not for you to improve long-term health
  • 45:37 - Increasing insulin is NOT a strategy for bodybuilding. Why you need to know what insulin is so that you can drop your chronic risk for diabetes
  • 53:20 - The only 3 categories of food that you need to lower blood pressure, decrease diabetes risks, decrease fat, and improve health overall
  • 1:02:47 - What you can do to improve your knowledge of health issues in a logical and comprehensive way so that you can experience a positive life now and in the future

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