Episode 3: Bianca Taylor

On this episode of Generation V, Nimai interviews vegan booty builder and trainer, Bianca Taylor (Nimai’s girlfriend). They go into depth on Bianca’s battles with body image issues and eating disorders. Plus, tune in to hear all about the one experience that made Bianca turn vegan.

“People think that if you go vegan you don't make a difference, but you do because you aren't paying your money to companies that are harming animals and taking grain away from countries that don’t have enough food for people.”
— Bianca Taylor

Episode Notes


  • 1:44 Bianca Taylor’s backstory
  • 5:10 Dealing with insecurities as a young girl
  • 17:06 Bianca’s first business
  • 21:39 How Bianca got introduced to weight training
  • 25:00 How Bianca developed an eating disorder
  • 30:30 Bianca fight with depression and suicide
  • 34:15 Bianca’s transition to veganism
  • 44:50 Bianca’s Instagram growth
  • 49:50 Standing up for those that don’t have a voice


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