Episode 5: Chef Derek Sarno

On this episode of Generation V, Nimai sits down with Chef Derek Sarno, co-author of the Wicked Healthy Cookbook and plant-based director at Tesco. Chef Derek shares some of the darkest moments of his life and how he learned compassion from all of his pain. He also discusses his role (and personal mission) as the plant-based director for the 3rd largest retailer in the world, Tesco. Make sure to tune in, you don't want to miss this episode.

“Your ego is not your amigo.”
— Derek Sarno

Episode Notes


  • 3:35 How Chef Sarno got into the food industry
  • 8:34 Derek’s first job as a chef
  • 11:30 Derek’s first couple of restaurant businesses
  • 15:30 How Chef Sarno got introduced to veganism
  • 19:49 Derek’s darkest moment
  • 23:20 Derek’s time at the Tibetan Buddhist monastery
  • 38:29 Derek’s view on the vegan culture
  • 42:00 Derek’s role at Whole Foods and Tesco
  • 50:19 Examples of the foods that Chef Sarno is creating


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