Episode 6: Evanna Lynch

This week on the Generation V Podcast, Nimai sits down with actress, vegan activist and cat lover, Evanna Lynch. They dive deep into Evanna’s childhood eating disorders and also discuss how to tap into your inner self-confidence. Plus, find out how Evanna got her role on Harry Potter.

“Make bold choices and mighty forces will come to your aid.”
— Evanna Lynch

Episode Notes


  • 2:39 Going vegetarian at the age of 11
  • 8:22 Dealing with an eating disorder
  • 15:39 Evanna’s acting career
  • 20:40 All about Evanna’s role on Harry Potter
  • 30:00 Tapping into your inner confidence
  • 33:00 What it’s like being in the limelight
  • 44:00 How Evanna got introduced into veganism
  • 46:50 Dealing with people that bully vegans
  • 51:17 Changes that Evanna noticed after going vegan


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