Episode 7: Jon Venus

This is the podcast episode you have been waiting for. Nimai sits down with a vegan bodybuilder, Jon Venus. Discover the story behind Jon’s journey to veganism. Listen in as Nimai and Jon share their passion for animals. Plus, get great tips on protein intake, staple foods, supplements and of course how to maximize your gains.

“If you really want to progress, you have to make sure you are pushing yourself hard in the gym.”
— Jon Venus

Episode Notes


  • 6:27 A look into Jon Venus’s unusual childhood
  • 18:00 A look into Jon’s nutrition when he first began training
  • 24:00 How Jon ridiculed family members for going vegan
  • 30:00 The one thing that made Jon change his ways
  • 31:40 Nimai and Jon discuss the humanism of animals
  • 42:40 Getting the hang of eating vegan
  • 47:30 Jon’s advice to meat eating bodybuilders
  • 49:20 Jon’s take on protein, staple foods, and supplements
  • 58:25 How to maximize your gains


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