Episode 8: Dr Hamed Kamali

Ever heard the phrase you are what you eat? Listen to Nimai Delgado as he sits down with Dr. Hamed Kamali, for a discussion of the benefits of a vegan diet, the science behind the impact food has on long-term health, and what has driven him to make the conscious choice to share with others how vegan eating impacts their health and could lead to a longer, healthier life.

“Every step towards being completely plant-based accrues more benefit to your health.”
— Dr Hamed Kamali

Episode Notes


  • 2:45 Early life of Dr. Kamali
  • 10:39 Dr. Kamali’s road to vegan
  • 20:18 How being in the medical field impacted Dr. Kamali’s journey
  • 30:00 Sifting through reputable sources to learn truths about food
  • 32:17 Science behind food and its effect on the body
  • 38:02 Discussion of nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and various diets
  • 54:34 What cholesterol tells about you, your inside tells more than appearance
  • 1:05:22 Dr. Kamali shares what he thinks will need to happen for society to go from treating symptoms to preventative treatment


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