Episode 9: Paul De Gelder

If you’re stuck, feeling like you can’t get out. Paul De Gelder’s story is sure to pull you out. From facing many struggles while growing up to surviving a near-death shark attack, there’s no question why Improvise—Adapt—Overcome, are three drivers that have stuck with Paul. Tune in to this transparent interview where Paul candidly shares how life’s experiences turned him upside down and brought him to living and eating clean.

“Things that we go through in our lives don't have to make us weaker, they make us stronger.”
— Paul De Gelder

Episode Notes


  • 6:17 Paul’s life growing up
  • 8:48 A struggle with control—self-cutting
  • 11:52 Trying something new
  • 13:48 Experience in the army, discipline and lessons learned
  • 18:52 Shark attack
  • 36:07 Finding self-value and the journey to mental strength
  • 42:12 Recovery process and plan to overcome
  • 52:30 Public speaking and diving with sharks
  • 1:04:00 Second chance—desire to live clean, Vegan journey

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