The TrueStrength 8 Week Challenge

Massively upgraded and back due to popular demand!

Over the next 8 weeks Bianca and Nimai will give you all the tools to get into the best shape of your life and teach you how to stay in amazing shape all year round - suitable for both men and women of all ages and experience levels.

Registration closes at 11.59pm
on Sunday, November 1st 2020

Meet your Coaches

Nimai Delgado IFBB Pro

Nimai Delgado is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder, health coach and mechanical engineer who uses his engineer mindset to optimize his workouts and nutrition. He's been featured on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine and is qualified in plant-based nutrition. After being raised vegetarian since birth he switched to a vegan lifestyle 5 years ago and he'll share with you his unique strategy on building muscle and shedding fat whilst enjoying a rich abundance of delicious plant-based foods.

Bianca Taylor ISSA Certified Trainer

Bianca Taylor is an ISSA certified personal trainer and certified in plant-based nutrition. She switched to a vegan lifestyle in 2014, after competing in back to back bikini bodybuilding competitions and struggling with anorexia. She is now a role model to millions through social media and will show you how to build a body you love, have more confidence and eat as much tasty plant-based foods as you want!

Bulking Program

Increase Strength and Add Muscle

Is your goal to increase strength and add mass? Our 8 Week Bulking Program focuses on hypertrophy and strengthening exercises to assist you in building the muscle to attain a symmetrical, balanced, and aesthetic physique.

Shredding Program

Burn Excess Bodyfat, Increase Definition

Ready to reveal those abs? The 8 Week Shredding Program is designed to guide you along a healthy and maintainable fat loss process. If your goal is to burn excess body fat and see more muscle definition, the shredding program is for you!

8 Weeks of Workouts


This challenge includes the choice of an 8 Week Gym-based Program or 8 Week Home Workout Program, focused on your preferred goal of either fat loss or adding mass.

Full Nutrition Plan

Personalized Macros and Meal Plans

Each challenge member will have customised macronutrients based on their current body composition. Along with having personalized macronutrients, members will also receive a sample meal plan for their caloric range to guide them on eating for their goals.

Weekly Check-Ins

Log Your Progress, Stay on Track

You'll have access to your own profile to log progress and receive macronutrient adjustments from your coaches to keep you on track with your fat loss goals. Our members check-ins help

Private Support Group

Any Questions? Get Our Expert Advice

You'll gain access to our private Facebook group for direct support from Bianca and Nimai and the VeganFitness coaches, who will share tips and inspiration and answer questions you may have along the way. Connect with like-minded people on your plant-based fitness journey and tune in for weekly live Q&A's to cover any part of the program.!

$10,000 in Prize Money

Awards for Best Transformations

To give you even more reason to stay on track and reach your goals, the best transformations will be awarded cash prizes!
Prizes are awarded to the top 6 transformations.

Simple Plant-Based Recipes

Delicious Healthy Food

You'll get access to our mouth-watering healthy recipes so you can love the food you eat while still losing bodyfat and building muscle. Find out which foods will help you perform better and get more out of your workouts.

Surprise Mystery Guests

Exclusive inspirational webinars

We've got several mystery guests who will appear throughout the challenge to keep you motivated and share their wealth of fitness and health information with you.

Home Workout Option

No gym? No problem!

We've designed a special home workout plan if you don't have access to a gym. Home workouts require minimal equipment - just a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band, and are suitable if your goal is to reduce body fat (shred). If your goal is to gain muscle (bulk) a gym is required.

New Optional Upgrades Available:

Sculpt the Perfect Booty

Bianca's Bootybuilding Program (ADDON)

If building your glutes and legs is a goal of yours, the True Strength 3 Booty Building Add-On is the perfect addition to your selected training program. This add-on can be added on to the bulk or gym shred program, as it requires gym equipment such as a squat rack, bench, box, leg press, and cable pulley. The Booty Building Add-On will add on an additional 30 minutes to training, only on 3 days each week. The add-on focuses on achieving firm and round glutes through a series of compound and accessory movements.

Build Massive Arms

Nimai's Ultimate Arm Builder Program (ADDON)

Do you want to add inches and fullness to your arms in just weeks? The True Strength 3 Arm Builder add-on is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This add on can be added on to the bulk or shred gym-based program as it requires equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, cables, and a pull up station. The program adds an additional 30 minutes of training 3 days each week and is designed to fit into your schedule. These specific arm exercises are what IFBB pro Nimai Delgado has implemented to develop world famous biceps and triceps. What are you waiting for?

After signing up you can optionally purchase these separate programs to add to your training program.

Spaces are limited - Reserve your place today!

Don't miss out - book your place on the 8 week challenge and take this unique opportunity to receive coaching from Bianca and Nimai.

Start building the physique you've been waiting for...

This plan is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Maximise your efforts by doing highly effective workouts designed by expert coaches
  • Be coached while transitioning to a healthy plant-based diet meeting all your nutritional and fitness requirements
  • Receive coaching from top coaches that have consistently acheived great results from their clients
  • Improve self-confidence and be part of the amazing VeganFitness community

This challenge starts Monday, November 2nd 2020

After midnight November 2nd (Sunday night) the challenge will be closed to new signups.

“Bianca is a brilliant, inspiring, and empowering health and fitness professional. Her proficient knowledge about Whole Food plant based nutrition, and her extensive background in both effective and SAFE athletic training, make her an incredible resource for individuals looking to make a major life change and improve their overall health.

I would trust Bianca to not only train my patients, but also my friends, family, and myself!”

— Dr. Danielle Belardo, MD | American Board of Internal Medicine, Board Certified Physician

"Working with Nimai has been a great experience in every way. He was able to create a program that delivered pretty much all the expectations I had. One particular fact that I like about Nimai is his professionalism and that he is open to discuss the specifics of your program. In my case, I do not have a lot of time to train due to my work, but he made it happen.

Most of our communication was via phone and it worked well. We had one-to-one session in Cancun, and in 1 hour he was able to teach me what others did not in years. My form and perspective changed tremendously after that session. Also, he follows evidence-based advice, which is a huge plus in this modern world. As a vegan doctor, I completely recommend his work."

— Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez MD

What Previous Members Said:

“Nimai helped take my physique to the next level. I already had a decent understanding of nutrition and training but his knowledge helped me reach a level of conditioning I had never achieved before. He explains things in a very easy to understand manner so you get a grasp of why you are doing something, instead of just following orders. Not only that, he kept me accountable and helped motivate me throughout the entire process!”

— Joe

“Before my wedding, I felt insecure, out of shape and just not prepared to slide back into a backless, fitted wedding dress for my upcoming beach wedding. I knew something had to change. Bianca's program helped transform my body into the best body I ever had. I was eating cleaner, getting stronger & toned in all the right places. By the time my wedding came around, I was confident in my skin and ready to show off my progress in my wedding dress.

To this day, Bianca's program plays such an important role in my day to day life. Her program has helped me maintain great eating habits even after the wedding and now I am stronger than ever! Thank You Bianca!"

— Alyssa Bass

“Working with Nimai was one of the best decisions I made when doing my competition. He made sure to always be there for me and answered all of my questions, making sure I understood the purpose instead of just following a plan.

The way he does his plans makes sure you are being healthy instead of just trying to get stage ready or just lose the weight . I had the best experience on prep and was able to enjoy all of it, all because I had an amazing coach to do it with.”

— Ashley

Amanda loved the results from working with Nimai!

“Happy with the strength I’ve developed from all the workouts. Bianca thank you again for all the great workouts. I’ve seen so much development in my legs and arms. I started the challenge at 158lb and ended at 151lb. I got told last week that I was this girls “goals” and about started to cry. I want to continue with what I’ve learned and continue to show people that a plant based diet is powerful and nutrient dense.”

— Haley Stone

“I’ve always struggled starting my fitness journey but this challenge really lit the fire under my ass! I can say that I am getting addicted to cardio and I love it! I’ve grown so much in the 8 weeks and I am so excited to see what the next 4 weeks has for me. The results for my 8 week challenge! I definitely feel the difference. I lost 10 lbs!”

— Logan Brown

“As someone who has been working out pretty regularly before the True Strength Challenge I found the greatest benefit was having the point of view of a IFBB Pro to help refine my workouts. Nimai was able to show me a different way of attacking my workouts and provided detailed coaching when I asked. Tied into the macro coaching and example meal plans allowed me to see both weight loss and gains in my weaker areas.

Losing 9 lbs, gaining strength, and never feeling like I was starving was a surprising result from this program.”

— Mike Harms (Mike on Raw)