The True Strength 8 Week Challenge

Over the next 8 weeks Bianca and Nimai will guide you into the best shape of your life and teach you how to stay in amazing shape all year round.

Meet your Coaches

Nimai Delgado IFBB Pro

Nimai Delgado is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder, health coach and mechanical engineer who uses his engineer mindset to optimize his workouts and nutrition. He's been featured on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine and is qualified in plant-based nutrition. After being raised vegetarian since birth he switched to a vegan lifestyle 5 years ago and he'll share with you his unique strategy on building muscle and shedding fat whilst enjoying a rich abundance of delicious plant-based foods.

Bianca Taylor ISSA Certified Trainer

Bianca Taylor is an ISSA certified personal trainer and certified in plant-based nutrition. She switched to a vegan lifestyle in 2014, after competing in back to back bikini bodybuilding competitions and struggling with anorexia. She is now a role model to millions through social media and will show you how to build a body you love, have more confidence and eat as much tasty plant-based foods as you want!

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